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During the football season, one Senior and two Junior pitches are available for hire. The sports field is also suitable for other outdoor sport and recreation. At other times the field is used for general recreation.

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To enquire about the sports facilities, please visit the Contact page
or telephone 01252-615003.

Slots for weekend booking of the football pitches during the season from September to March are given below, together with current bookings. If you are interested in taking a vacant slot, please contact the Centre.

Saturdays 0930-1100
Hart FC
Saturdays 0900-1000
Saturdays 1100-1230
Hart FC
Saturdays 1000-1100
Saturdays 1200-1400 Saturdays 1200-1400
Saturdays 1400-1600 Saturdays 1400-1600
Sundays 0900-1030 Sundays 0900-1000
Sundays 1030-1200 Sundays 1000-1200
Sundays 1200-1400 Sundays 1200-1400
Sundays 1400-1600 Sundays 1400-1600

updated 14 September 2017